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November 19, 2010
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Rebecka by ShadowRobotnik31492 Rebecka by ShadowRobotnik31492
:bulletpink:Rebecka (her recolor name was Betty). Snatched 'n un-recolored (kinda, still needs work) from [link]

:bulletred:Don't know what un-recoloring is? Well, it's were you steal a recolor and make it original. Well, it's not stealing, since all recolors look the same... XD

:bulletred:BASE USED cuz I was a lazy cow!

Base by :iconhinataxsakurafangirl:/[link]

:bulletred: My friends can use her with permission until (and if) she is sold :meow:.


Name: Rebecka (Project MD5943)

Species: Laboratory-grown hominid

Age: 13 (Created to age from 13)

Crush: Chad

Likes: Reading, staying quiet, Deseray, fighting, and power.

Dislikes: Just about everyone, being interrupted, being unable to fight for any reason, and being put in her place.

Favorite Food: Anything that isn't totally burned, and apples.

Favorite Drink: Coka Cola

Powers: Same as the PPGZ/PPG (idk her weapon yet... XD).

Bio: Rebecka was a project started by Deseray when she was 10. The idea was to re-create a 'PowerPuff Girl' in order to harness their powers for the Demonic creatures. When she met back up with Mandark, they were able to join minds and create a 'mold' of a human that would be stable enough to hold these powers. It was this act that named the two 'The Genius Cousins'. Rebecka was given powers, a mind, and a broken-up, imperfect, personality. She was unsocial, dark, and didn't like anyone but Deseray (she might have liked Mandark too, if he wasn't so harsh with her). Mandark gave her the name 'MD5943', but Deseray didn't like the idea of treating their creation as a pet of sorts. She gave her the name 'Rebecka'.
Rebecka was taught by Mandark and Deseray after they got off school every day since Deseray was 12. Rebecka learned quickly when it came to normal schooling, however, she was a natural at fighting. Deseray blamed Mandark for that.
Mandark became her fighting trainer, using his demon to teach her blunt force, and Deseray taught her the tactics and skill that Fire Demons are known for. Rebecka is still working on the tactic part.

Summery: Dark and sometimes called 'mysterious', Rebecka really does have a bleak outlook on almost everything. She believes her sole purpose in life is to serve the Gods and her creators, although she is often told otherwise by Deseray. She views Deseray and Mandark as older siblings. In truth, she does have SOME love for Mandark, but it's that 'oh Christ I HATE YOU' kind of love.
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ButtercupOfficial Jan 8, 2011
do u rp this girl? she kinda makes me remember my bf...
blazingbronze Nov 22, 2010  Student General Artist
Isn't This Theblossom1's OC? I Mean She Created Her. My Character's name is Rebecca! You Can't Steal Ppl's artwork. That's Plagrisim. :(
The fight's over. Chill.
blazingbronze Nov 22, 2010  Student General Artist
Okay Okay
To :icontheblossom1::

Take it? Nah.

I STOLE YOUR RECOLOR. Hun, that's what you get for being a bitch to me! >)
NikkiTheWolf Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TO :icontheblossom1:

Technically she wasn't yours to begin with. Because you stole artwork, right "Momoko"?

I mean, if Miyoko (I forget her name >.<) had taken a picture of "you" and you changed it to look like "Betty", do you think she'd be happy about that? Hmm?
:nod: Thanks for agreeing Nikki! XD
NikkiTheWolf Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lawl yw
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